Process of Water Tank Cleaning

Process of Water Tank Cleaning

Process of Water Tank Cleaning

We know, water tanks are plastic and cemented huge containers to store water for various purposes. There are different purposes like cooking, washing vegetables, and personal hygiene. Let us make you aware the process of water tank cleaning.

For one good reason that these tanks are always filled with water, they are induced to be moist. Moist space means home of germs, bacteria and fungi. As a matter of fact these germs certainly needs to be taken care off. That’s the place where water tank cleaning services come into picture.

As it is the matter of disinfecting the water tanks and at the same time cleaning them thoroughly, then professionals like CleanDin are really good at it. Let us make you aware about our process of cleaning the water tanks in order to provide you crystal clean water for cooking and personal hygiene purposes. Cleaning provides water tank cleaning services in Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Panchkula and Mohali.

Steps involved in Water Tank Cleaning Process:

1.Empty the Tanks: First and the foremost we drain out the water or store it in some container if the water is    clean.

2. Scrubbing: In second phase of the process, manual scrubbing is done to get rid of aged algae from the walls and floor of tank.

3. Pressure Cleaning: Jet Gun is used for pressure cleaning of complete tank.

4. Anti-Bacterial Spray: Biodegradable anti-bacterial sprays are done inside the tank to get rid of germs and bacteria.

5. UV Rays: Water tank is exposed to UV Rays through our high technology UV Lamp in order to kill the germs we cannot see from our naked eyes to provide you crystal clear and disinfected water.

It is very crucial to get the job done from professionals as this water is going to be used for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene. So, let us know when to serve you and we will be more than happy to assist you in the best possible manner.

Our prime aim is Customer Satisfaction. Call Today on 89688-99377 or simply leave us a text message on this number and our team will call you back at your convenient time as we understand sometimes you are occupied with some work however you want to get the work done so, as a reminder you can just leave us a text and time and we will get back to you accordingly. Visit us at  or Call Us on 89688-99377.

Process of Water tank Cleaning

Process of Water Tank Cleaning


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