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A swimming pool could be luxury further as a responsibility. It is a luxury because you enjoy this area in many ways. The pool is also called a responsibility because it needs proper cleaning, servicing, and maintenance. Slight negligence in maintenance and you are at the chance of losing this area. Just cleaning the debris and maintaining a balance of water is not sufficient as the pool pump, filter and other equipment need servicing after a fixed interval!

At CleanDin, we are a well-established company in Chandigarh and known for the best swimming pool cleaners in the city. Our swimming pool technicians offer amazing service to our regular pool service customers. We have a real commitment to excellence towards pool cleaning and would love to look after your swimming pool investment. Our pool maintenance programs can be tailored to your needs and budget and can range from weekly pool service visits to monthly.


We can deliver pool chemicals and pool supplies direct to your pool, offer expert pool maintenance on existing pool equipment and provide a great regular service all year round. Our services include:

  • Test the swimming pool.
  • Chemically balance the water.
  • Clean the skimmer and pump baskets.
  • Check correct operation of the pool cleaner.
  • Clean filtration system.
  • Check for correct water flow.
  • Overall diagnosis of pool

We strive to provide the best customer service and the best swimming pool cleaning service possible across Chandigarh. CleanDin is an expert in cleaning and maintaining your pool, which will not only save your time, it can save your money as well. A properly maintained pool with correct chemistry will lengthen the life of your swimming pool equipment and pool surface significantly, which means that you can save money on costly equipment repairs and pool resurfacing. In addition to our regular swimming pool cleaning service.


Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about how CleanDin swimming pool services in Chandigarh can serve you.


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